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The best money we spent on the move, other than boxes (and, y'know, the movers), was this package of newsprint from the Container Store. I thought $14.99 sounded kind of high for a pack of paper, but it was great. It's newsprint, but lighter than what's in the newspaper, sort of like extra-large sheets of tissue paper. The one package was enough for our whole apartment, including the china service for eight (and assorted gravy boats, vegetable bowls, etc - I really have the whole kit and caboodle with the china), Rob's large collection of etched glass beer mugs from various marathons, the Murano glass whale (a wedding present, that one), all of that stuff. I did finally use up the whole package, but not until the very last morning when the movers were on the way. And hardly anything broke - I think one ceramic salad plate broke, and I'm not sure it was even wrapped in the tissue at all. Hmm, maybe I should have packed the damn computer in it!

The best boxes we bought were from the Container Store also - I think we had some of all of these sizes, of which my favorite was probably the 16x12x12" ones. Not too big, not too small. We also had some bigger boxes from Sam's which on the whole did not hold up nearly as well. I flattened several of the Container Store ones back out and put them in the utility room; they were mostly in good enough shape to use again some time.

I didn't do a good job of labeling the stuff that we packed at the very last minute - some of which I still haven't found - but I did a pretty good job up to that point. I bought big fluorescent labels, I think it was a package of 15 sheets in 3 colors, and I printed "front bedroom" on one color, "back bedroom" on another, and "living room" and "kitchen" on the other. And I slapped them on boxes as I packed - I tried to get them on two sides of every box, actually, cause I figured otherwise they could be hard to spot. And I won't say that every box got to the right room, but on the whole, they mostly did. It definitely helped. I did try to write on the box what was in it, too, but that was mostly for my use, not the movers'. And I drew stars on ones I thought were especially important, and of course I wrote "fragile" all over the ones like the china.

We are inviting my dad and my stepmother to dinner sometime around Christmas, hoping that knowing they are coming will prod us to finish unpacking and maybe hang some pictures by then. Cross your fingers.

I am about to leave to go to Houston for the big quilt show, and I'm spending the night. Back late tomorrow with tired feet and lots of pictures!
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