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I haven't posted a real entry in a couple of weeks, and I start out with the cheery news that I am vaguely depressed. (I thought yesterday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year!) I don't know, my allergies are bothering me, maybe that's why I'm not feeling well. I had almost an entire year free of major allergy/sinusitis problems, and now that they're back, it worries me. They're still not back in any major way, really, but moreso than they've been in all this time. You know, I always wondered if the depression and the chronic sinusitis were related - they've seemed to coincide in the past - and this seems like additional evidence that they might be.

In happier news, my mother is continuing to recover well. It's taking her a while, but she's getting there. She had an appointment with the rad onc people today, so she may be starting her radiation right away - in fact, it's possible that she started today. I know she's dreading it, because she had a bad time with it before, so she's ready to get it over with. There's no reason to think that this time will be as bad as the last time, though. Completely different kind of cancer.

We went over there Sunday and she and Art took us out to Saltgrass Steakhouse for Rob's birthday, and then she and I went to SteinMart. She needed to buy presents for some birthdays that are coming up. I always enjoy going to SteinMart, anyway, even though I rarely find any clothes I like there. (Their large-size clothes always seem designed for somebody who lives a completely different life than I do.) Then we went back to Mom's house to eat birthday cake, and then Rob dragged me back to Oshman's, which is right next to SteinMart, to spend a gift certificate he'd been hanging onto since Christmas. He could have just come with us in the first place, but that would be too easy. Then we went to Fry's and spent all of Rob's birthday money and a little more - he bought one of those MST3K sets that have about 4 movies on them, and then we bought a new VCR, since ours has apparently died. I thought VCRs had gotten cheap, but no dice; they cost more than some of the DVD players - I guess maybe because they're selling fewer of them these days?
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