Sep. 4th, 2004

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(That was sarcasm, so don't say I didn't warn you.) Let's see, the first thing I did this morning was wash my hair (woo). At least my hair has finally stopped looking like it's a different color on one side - for some reason the color didn't seem to take as well on one side when I colored it a couple of weeks ago. I guess the color (Feria Chocolate Cherry, if you really want to know) has faded enough now that it's not so obvious.

When I got out of the shower, I thought that for once I was going to be on time getting over to my mom's house, but no. I got interested in a journal entry I was writing (it'll be in Catchy Name Needed when I get around to posting it) and it was noon before I got out the door. Usually I try to be over to my mom's by noon because we always go out to lunch. But on the other hand, I've been late a lot lately so she's probably getting used to it.

It started raining right before I got off the freeway in Clear Lake, and it rained for a couple of hours. All through lunch at the Mexican restaurant it rained really hard. (We should have used it as an excuse to have an extra margarita.) Luckily we were parked right by the door.

I worked on quilt stuff all afternoon - I'll try to write something about that in the quilt weblog (see yesterday's entry for the links to the other places!) - and Mom sat upstairs with me and Art, her boyfriend, sat downstairs and listened to golf really loud. I can pretty much tell you everything that happened in golf today even though I really was trying not to listen. (I believe Singh is leading, and David Duval made the cut for the first time in however-long.)

I haven't been eating dinner at Mom's lately, but today she made meatloaf, which I really like but won't cook for myself, so I was tempted into staying. (Actually she made it with ground sirloin this time and it was too dry. Meatloaf just isn't intended to be made with meat that lean.) Then I came home, and since then I've done exciting stuff like balance my bank statement - and watch the end of the Astros game, which really was a tad bit exciting. We ended up winning by a run, which makes it eight straight wins, and I think you can say we are officially back in the wild card race. Chicago was off today (because they were supposed to be playing in Miami, and there's that little problem with the hurricane) so we gained a half game, and are now an even 2 games back. So yay!


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