Sep. 13th, 2004

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I wrote in the paper journal while I was gone, and I'm going to transcribe this just as I wrote it, and probably make it a "friends-only" entry so I won't have to worry about if I wrote anything bad about my aunt, or whether people want their names online, or whatever. So all (three) of my LJ friends will get the pleasure of reading the unedited version, I guess. (Not that I probably wrote anything very bad about my aunt anyway. At the moment I'm more pissed off at my mother.)

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Saturday - I don't even know what time it is, but it's probably after midnight

I was just thinking it over, and I think I have made around 50 blocks total, which is not as many as I hoped I'd get done, but it's still not bad.

I had a lot of trouble waking up this morning. I got up and went down to breakfast at 8:15 or so - because my mom woke me up - and then I came back upstairs and went back to bed for an hour or so. Except people kept slamming doors and I didn't really sleep much. The back rooms on the 2nd floor open onto the balcony, which I think was just screened in when I first came here 5 years ago, but is glassed-in now - and there's still a screen door going back into the main part of the house and if you don't catch that door, it slams. Very annoying if you're trying to sleep and people keep letting it slam.

I forgot to say that Mom won a door prize at dinner yesterday, which was a gift certificate to the quilt shop in Brenham. So after lunch today we drove back over there so she could spend it. (Brenham is only about a 20-minute drive from Round Top.) Of course, I spent another $10 or so that I REALLY couldn't afford, now, because no matter how broke I am I can't resist the lure of fabric. This shop (Stitch Haven is the name of it) is not nearly as big as the quilt shop in Austin, of course, but I always like going there. They have cute stuff. And they had some nice clearance fabrics, so I got nearly 2 yards of fabric for my $10. (Retail price on most quilt-shop fabrics is $8-9/yard, and closer to $10 for batiks.)

The big event of the retreat on Saturdays is the show and tell segment of the program. (As a matter of fact it is the ONLY program - there are no other planned events at this retreat other than meals.) Everybody comes over to the main house and brings whatever they've been working on so we can see. It's everything from finished quilts to partial blocks to, well, knitting. There's always some fabulous stuff. I took a ton of pictures, at least some of which ought to be in my Webshots album before too long.

Oh, also, I got talked into doing an exchange. It's not a really terrible one, though. It's a particular block (Indian Puzzle) in fall batiks, and I have to do 12 12" blocks by the retreat next year. Not bad at all. (An example of a terrible exchange? - meaning terrible in terms of the amount of work required - here's how I got my triple 4-patch quilt: we did sets of 20, at least 1 set per month and every other month we did 2 sets. So you had to make either 20 or 40 blocks EVERY month. I think it went on for 8 months or so - I know we ended up with something like 260 blocks. So 12 blocks in a year is a piece of cake.)


Nothing much ever happens at the retreat on Sunday. There's a brunch and everybody does their little bit of cleaning and packs up and goes home. You don't actually have to leave right after brunch but most people seem to. I barely even said goodbye to anybody except my aunt. (I'll see most of them next Monday at quilt guild, anyway.)

My mother was annoying the crap out of me in the car. First of all, she stopped the car dead in the middle of the road in Warrenton because she wanted to look at something. There wasn't anybody behind her but this is not some tiny back road with no traffic. It made me very nervous. Her driving is starting to bother me more and more anyway. She can only hear out of one ear and her cataracts are getting bad enough that she has trouble reading signs. It's bothering me enough at this point that I probably ought to start doing most of the driving when we're together, at least until she gets her cataract operation after Christmas. She's only 65, so it's not like she's too feeble to drive in general. [Later note: the hearing loss, as it turned out, was connected to the brain tumor that was already percolating - we just didn't know it until later in the year.]

I got home around 2:00, I think - so early that Rob wasn't even home, he had gone to the bookstore to look at the magazines because he didn't think I'd be home til later. He was very happy to see me, though!


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