Oct. 5th, 2004

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Yesterday morning the water was almost slick and it was the color of ice, silvery-blue. It was beautiful. After the front came in it changed, and it's dark gray and the water's choppy. The surfers are out again. So are the pelicans. (I never quite figure out the patterns with the pelicans - they've been gone for a few days. They nest on an island in East Bay, behind Galveston Island, though, so maybe they stay back there for some reason.)

I listened to baseball all afternoon but I watched the VP debate tonight. Sounds like the game I missed was the best one.

Do you think I can sneak out of work early tomorrow to watch the Astros game?
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I forgot to say that I thought the debate was a draw. Supposedly some early polls are giving it to Edwards, though.

I loved Jon Stewart's joke about Cheney unhinging his jaw and eating Edwards whole. Because an evil snake is the perfect metaphor for that man.

I also keep forgetting to talk about what I've been reading - I finished Snow Crash, which I loved, and started Song of Susannah. I'm a book behind on Dark Tower books. What's the deal with putting three of them out within a year? I would like to wait for the paperbacks but if I wait somebody's going to tell me the ending, I know it.


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