Oct. 16th, 2004

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One reason I haven't updated much this week is because I have given in to the lure of the Kingdom of Loathing. I'm totally obsessed with this game, and I'm not even that much of a game person in general - well, at least, I don't run out and play every game that comes along. But damn, this one is fun. I did finally give in today and read a bunch of spoilers; it gets boring trying to combine things at random. Having some tips about what I'm supposed to be combining really helped.

So many people at TUS are playing this game that there's a Back Alley thread called "The Kingdom of Creepy" (thus the title above). But we have a clan! Clans are wonderful things. So are Mr. Accessories, which you get when you donate money - and since I'm crazy about this game, donating money to keep it going seemed like a good idea anyhow. And somebody gave my second character (yeah, I have a second character, I'm a great big dork) 60,000 meat! (Meat is the currency of the Kingdom. Don't ask me why.) I don't know what the deal is with that, but I'm not complaining.

Umm, let's see, what else... I've been really busy at work. Astros play at home tomorrow, which hopefully will go better than the games in St. Louis did. Roger is pitching tomorrow and Oswalt Sunday, so that helps.

Aside: at the beginning of the baseball season last year (so a year and a half ago, now) I had a dream that I slept with Roger Clemens. I was really puzzled about it at the time, because I've never even LIKED the guy. But now it seems sort of prophetic, doesn't it? -- Uh, you know, not the sleeping-with-him part - but jesus, who would have guessed that he'd be in the NLCS as an Astro this year?


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