Nov. 14th, 2004


Nov. 14th, 2004 10:42 pm
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We have had very chilly and gloomy weather this weekend. It makes me happy, because I was tired of it being 85. It's November, for chrissake.

Let's see, what have I been doing? Yesterday I went to my mom's, as usual, and we had lunch at Red Lobster - she was craving shrimp - and then we went shopping. They've opened a bunch of new stores in a shopping center that's been refurbished near the mall - a DSW, Office Depot, Pier One, and a Marshall's Megastore. (And they're still working on more.) So we went to the Office Depot to get some things (I needed CDs and stuff for the holiday CD exchange; she needed copies) and then we hit Marshall's. I actually ended up spending more at Office Depot than at Marshall's because I bought one of those CD labelling systems which was nearly $30, besides CDs and stuff to mail them in. I bought a good many things at Marshall's but none of them were very expensive. I got some things for gifts - candles and scented soap and things like that - and a big London Fog umbrella that was only $7.99. Mom bought some gift stuff, too, and a nightgown.

Then we went back to her house and I did get a few blocks made for the string quilt, but I left about 6:30 for more shopping, because I still needed to buy luggage. I thought the luggage at Marshall's was all too expensive. I made a side-trip to Half-Price Books first, because I finished the first David Eddings book (Pawn of Prophecy) and I really liked it and didn't want to have to wait ages to get the next one. I fiddled around there for a while and then I went to Target in Galveston on the way back. I needed a largish piece of luggage because the only rolling piece I have is one carryon and that just won't do for 2 people for 5 days. So I ended up buying a big wheeled duffle. (The duffle is big, not the wheels.) It's that Eddie Bauer stuff that they have in Target so hopefully it will be reasonably durable. The really cheap luggage looked like it wouldn't survive one flight, I thought - some of the stuff at Wal-Mart, in particular. I still spent $70 in Target, which is about how much I always seem to spend, but considering that $45 of that was the luggage I guess that's not too bad. Usually I leave with lots of junk.

Today I did nothing. I paid bills, that was about the limit of my usefulness. Oh, and I Tilexed the tub! So that's two things. And here I thought I was lazy.


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