Jun. 7th, 2005

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Suddenly it is raining like crazy. No thunder, though, so I guess it's ok to stay online.

Well. I have been to Michigan and back since I last wrote. (There is a part of my brain that refuses to believe that it's possible just to whisk over to the other side of the country for the weekend. "I was WHERE? No, I couldn't have been! Don't be silly.") We had a really nice weekend, and we got the fishquilt all assembled and ready to quilt. Karen is going to do part of the quilting and then ship it to me and I'm going to finish it.

There are already a few pictures up on my Flickr account, and there should be more tomorrow. If you're really burning with desire to see the fish project - which does actually have fish on the back of it, by the way - I will probably put some pictures up and friends-lock them (or whatever you call the Flickr equivalent), so if you have a flickr account and you want to see, tell me your user name and I'll fix the settings so you can see them.

And I'm too tired right now to say much more, except I hope I didn't friend either one of the people this quilt is for and then forget that I did - I have been known to do that from time to time. Neither one of them have Livejournal accounts that we know of, right?
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61st Street Pier, 7 am
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

I took this on the way out of Galveston Saturday morning.


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