Jul. 10th, 2005

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The pitch
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Not the only thing I did today, you understand - we also went out to eat twice and went to the Galleria, and I bought a cute shirt at Talbot's and a Nars blusher at Sephora that cost exactly as much as the shirt did. And I hooked up a TV, to boot.

We bought the TV Thursday - it's a Sanyo flat screen, only 24" because our living room really isn't big enough to need anything bigger. (Our old TV started having death throes a month or so ago. It's sort of been held together with string since then, and we decided to go ahead & get a new one before it died completely.) I don't know how reliable Sanyo TVs are, but it was really quite cheap so I don't guess it matters that much. Anyway, Rob is hopeless about mechanical things so I had to try to hook everything up. If we had the right cables I think I would have been fine, but we don't seem to have them all (or at least if we do we don't know where they are!) - but the TV is working and the DVD player is working, just the same. We will have to worry about the VCR later.

(And fuck, how did it get to be 2:06 am already?)


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