Sep. 24th, 2005


Sep. 24th, 2005 12:16 pm
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I have people overload. I imagine this is why so many people are in their cars headed for home already, isn't it? Everybody's crammed in with their relatives or in hotel rooms or (worse) in shelters, and home is looking awfully good. However, I'm pretty sure we don't have power at home and they aren't letting people onto the island anyway. So I'm stuck here at least one more day and maybe more. I have taken refuge in the sewing or the computer room more and more as time has gone on. My aunt seems to like having us here, on the whole, though - and we're actually sleeping at my cousin's, which is quite comfortable. We're sleeping in Brittany (the 17-year-old)'s bed. When I said that I felt bad throwing her out of her bed, Brittany swore that she likes sleeping on a palette on the floor in front of the TV, and her mother confirms that she does it a lot of the time anyway. So we decided not to argue further. I remember doing things like that when I was young and limber, a long time ago!

The sun came out for a little while earlier, but mostly it is cloudy and blustery. It's hardly rained at all, though. I gather at home there was much rain and some pretty severe wind (gusts close to 100 mph, maybe) but relatively little damage. Hopefully they will get the power on in a day or two and we can go home.
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"A witch, in the Dark Arts astute
Quickly transforms you into a newt
But soon you get better
And write a stern letter
That threatens her with a lawsuit."


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