Sep. 27th, 2005

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The meme of the moment - because everybody's doing it (here and here, for example) and I can't resist - although, typically, I am skipping the parts I don't like. (Like yesterday. I already wrote something about yesterday, that's no fun.)

Five years ago: I was in the midst of a massive depression. I don't like to talk about that period too much.

Ten years ago: Ugh. Now that I think about it, this period wasn't too great, either. I had just started my current job, and was enjoying it even though I had the boss from hell. But Rob was still working nights, and so I didn't see him much, and I let work become my life for a while because I had nothing better to do.

Fifteen years ago: Married, working at a bad job in a restaurant which I stayed at far too long because I mostly enjoyed it. I don't really remember a lot about 1990, to tell you the truth.

Twenty years ago: My last year in Austin. I was single and I had a full-time library job in the Serials department, which I hated, and which is why I ended up leaving town a few months later. I was going out a lot, though, and having a great time. Lots of concerts and bars and general carousing.

And because I am old, I can keep going:

Twenty-five years ago: I was a senior (!) in college. I was not carousing a great deal because I was studying too much. Actually in the fall of 1980 I did my student teaching, which was a nightmare. I was teaching half-days and taking a couple of classes besides. That semester nearly killed me.

Thirty years ago: Junior in high school. I was a year ahead in school, which meant since I was only 15, I couldn't drive even though just about everybody else in my class could. Although my mother let me drive illegally around town a lot because she was tired of chauffeuring me and my sister around. (She claims not to remember this.)

Thirty-five years ago: Elementary school - sixth grade, I suppose, since I skipped that grade somewhere in there. We were back in the Houston area by this point, and in the house we stayed in until I finished school. It might give you an idea what era we're talking about if I say I owned a maxi skirt.

Forty years ago: Kindergarten, in Lamesa, Texas. (Which is wayyyy out in West Texas, somewhere south of Lubbock.)

Jesus. I can remember things that were forty years ago. That's scary.

(This user pic, incidentally, is approximately forty-one years old. I was four.)


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