Jan. 6th, 2006

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Holidailies is all done now, so I can go back to posting over here. (Well, technically, it's not done 'til midnight tonight, but I've done my part - I've posted my entry for today and I've done the amount of reading I'm supposed to do. I might go back and read a few more entries tonight if it looks like there's some that needs doing...)

I just got the funniest IM from [livejournal.com profile] columbina while I was off wandering around that ends with:

[15:10] have a lovely weekend.
[15:10] i recommend
[15:10] BEER

(I assume he won't mind me posting that!)

I was off in somebody else's office doing some housecleaning, to be specific. This person has been here for many years, and sort of suddenly got better things to do and left. (There's a long story there but I won't go into it.) Anyway, she left a HUGE mess behind - years and years of documents and files and notebooks and other odd junk. (Also, some personal things such as a PalmPilot and a scale, of all things, but she did send somebody to pick that stuff up.) So I get the fun task of figuring out how much of this is definitely trash, and how much definitely needs to be kept, and what's left over that somebody else needs to take a look at. Part of this job is actually fun, btw, I'm not entirely being sarcastic there. There are some odd things, and some really old things (meaning mid-1990s, which is ancient as far as financial information is concerned, especially), buried in all the crap. It's like a treasure hunt!

Plus, having to climb around and clear off her shelves meant I got to wear jeans today. Always a bonus.


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