Feb. 28th, 2006

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I feel the need to talk about Dofus (although it's warring with the need to go to bed right now, so this may not be long). I know exactly three people who might be interested in this, and two of them don't even read my LJ that I know of, but that doesn't stop me. Or I could go babble over on the dofus community instead, but no, I'm gonna do it here. I got my main character, the Feca, up to level 20 tonight, finally. There was a big gap between 19 and 20 - the guy who I've been fighting with a lot, a Xelor, hit 19 the same time I did and is already level 21 - but sometime over the weekend I realized that I was up to a level 27 farmer (professions have levels which are entirely separate from the level your character has) - and when you get to 30 you can start a 2nd profession. And the reason that started to interest me particularly was because I finally figured out how useful bread is in this game, and that everybody that can bake bread complains about how expensive the ingredients are - but since I'm already a farmer, I can make my own wheat flour (and barley flour and oats flour and recently hops flour) so I'm mostly set. The only things I have to buy are water and baker's yeast, which are cheap, and some of the slightly more esoteric ingredients if you want to make the fancier breads. And tofu eggs, which you have to have for my favorite bread, the briochette, which gives you energy points as well as HP. (I had some tofu eggs but I had sold some, too, so I have already had to buy some more.)

So anyway, I spent several hours over the weekend harvesting and grinding wheat (in a virtual sense) so that I could level up to 30 so that I could start with the baking. Then I spent a good while more figuring out the whole baking thing. It's just a matter of figuring out what recipes work at which level. Some recipes use rye, for example, which I still can't farm. And to start out with I could only use two ingredients, which basically meant I could only make amaknian bread - wheat flour & water. (Sounds yummy, doesn't it.) Then you can graduate to oatflakes bread - oat flour, water, and yeast - and just today I moved up to 4-ingredient breads, like briochettes and wholemeal bread. Trust the french to come up with a game in which you have to know semi-realistic bread recipes in order to be able to eat!


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