Mar. 4th, 2006

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Yum, Girl Scout cookies.

I feel like I had a pretty productive day today. I took my mother to lunch, went and sold raffle tickets for a while (for the quilt guild's "donation" quilt - see here and click where it says "See our Southern Beauty quilt", and if anybody wants a ticket just let me know!!) and THEN I went back to Mom's house and finished the back of my quilt:

Rather blinding, isn't it? Oh, and I also came home and wrote up in great detail just why I did the back like I did, so if you're interested that's over here.

(Also, in case there's anybody who I haven't already forced to look at the front of the thing a dozen times or so, it's here.)

I haven't done a "Mom report" in a while, and the news is actually pretty good: she went to the oncologist this week and got a very encouraging report. The "old" spot on her MRI has not grown, and the "new" spot has actually shrunk. (The old spot is the actual tumor. The other one is the one they did the biopsy on in December and concluded that it was NOT cancer.) He is not putting her back on chemo at all right now. She just has to go back in a couple of months and get checked again. And her physical problems seem to be getting gradually better, too. She is still using a walker, but her speech is better and she is going up and down the stairs by herself now. So, progress.


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