Mar. 19th, 2006

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tobacco flowers
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This is something I grew from seed. Most of my plants from seed just sort of barely hang on, if they live at all, but this one suddenly decided to bloom. (It really is tobacco, apparently - nicotiana, to be scientific about it.)

I'm still quilting my quilt. I got awfully close to finishing, but my neck started hurting so I quit. It's harder work than you'd think, pulling that thing back & forth. It'll only take me maybe an hour or so to finish the quilting, then I have to put on the binding. (I have to think about what I want to bind it with.)

In Dofus, I'm up to level 25, and I joined a guild. (I keep forgetting its name!) Level 20 or so seems to be the threshhold for joining guilds - you can join when you're below that, but when you get above 20, people start seeking you out. I started fighting scaraleafs - big dinosaur things - with big groups of people in the pay area, and you get 5000-10,000 experience points every time you win one of those fights. (Which is good, because they take ages, with all those people and monsters.) They really help you level up fast.

I'm watching Howl's Moving Castle. I can't say I really adore it. They changed too much from the book, and it annoys me because I liked the book. But on the other hand, I expected that, because everybody warned me.

I think we are going to see V for Vendetta tomorrow, so I will report back.


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