Mar. 30th, 2006

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I finally got started playing Guild Wars last night, after a horribly tedious couple of downloads that I thought would never end. I was expecting a fairly big update, and I knew it would take a while, since I have dialup, but my god, 4000 files? It was pretty ridiculous. I started installing it when I got home around 6:00, and it was well after 9:00, I think, when I finally got to play. Anyway, hopefully the worst of that is over, and I can actually play now. It was fun, as much of it as I got to experience. [ profile] columbina started a warrior character so he could go through the beginner stage (which is called "pre-Searing" - I'm beginning to figure out what the heck that means, now) along with me. That should make it go a lot faster, since he knows what he's doing and I won't have to wander around hunting for things. Not to mention that it will be more fun.

What else? Lost was good last night - of course it was, because I had just told Columbine I had lost interest in it! - and the person who got voted off on Idol was about who I expected. (Although I can't remember if I actually picked her in the pool or not. I will have to check!) There was also a baseball special on, which makes me happy because it means the season's getting close. Very close now, actually - it starts Monday, I think. (There might even be a Sunday night game, I'm not sure about that.)

I am off tomorrow and I am going to my Mom's and do the stuff I normally do on Saturdays, and then on Saturday I am going to the quilt retreat for the day. The spring retreat is nearby, anyway (unlike the fall retreat which is a couple of hours away), and I was feeling extremely broke back in January when it was time to register, and I decided one day was all I could afford to pay for. Plus I have lost my roommate - Mom - since she doesn't care to go, so I sort of thought going for the day might be preferable to sharing a room with somebody I don't know very well, anyway.


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