May. 9th, 2006

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I am still grouchy. I am getting very tired of feeling crappy about 50% of the time, to the point that I am tempted to try to set up a doctor's appointment - but I'm 99% sure this is allergy/sinus crap so there's probably not much they can do. Besides, I'm sort of leery of the whole ENT department since the last ENT doctor I had is now under investigation (or she still was the last time I saw her on CNN, anyway) for (allegedly) euthanizing people in New Orleans during Katrina. That just makes you a little jumpy, you know?

(Cut for more whining and some GuildWars)

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We went to an open house Saturday at the most gorgeous house - if I had $400,000 to spare I would totally buy it. It was an older couple that Rob knows from running, and they have apparently spent the last 25 years remodeling it, and now they are moving to Guadalajara to retire. I forgot to ask how old the house was - at a guess I'd say it was built in the 1890s. It had to have been pre-1900 because they had a picture of it being jacked up when they raised the island after the storm. Among other things, it had stencilling in nearly every room, and the kind of library I've always dreamed about - a whole room lined with shelves, with one of those library ladders on rails that you can move around to reach the top. They had some really great artwork, too. Besides getting to see the house, some friends of ours turned up and we had a nice time talking to them, too. So see, a social life is not such a bad thing after all.


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