May. 22nd, 2006

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Rima and her krewe, somewhere in North Kryta

So that is my elementalist Rima in the middle, with henchmen. The two burly gentlemen in the front are the warrior-types, Thom (aka Little Thom) and Stefan. The lady in brown is Reyna the Archer, and behind Rima is Alesia the Healer - not to be confused with Alessa the Warrior. I should have named my warrior something a little more different. (Not visible is Claude the Necromancer, who is probably off somewhere dead. It's how he spends most of his time.) The cat is named Sir George. He was originally just named George, but the White Mantle knighted him - I'm not joking, they really did - so we had to change it. (This was at the end of the D'Alessio Seaboard mission; they normally knight the leader of the party, and for some reason in this case the system decided that the leader of the party was George, not me. It was rather entertaining.)

I really intended to say more than this, but it is late and I am sleepy. Perhaps I will do a part 4A tomorrow.
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My mother finally remembered to tell me that my sister is now selling cars. And she likes it, which somehow does not surprise me.
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More of the inevitable screenshots behind the cut...

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