Jun. 15th, 2006

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Oh, I have never remembered to say that the thing that cost so much on my car repairs was a new motor for the condenser, or something to that effect. That was $500 or so. Then a new thermostat, at $200 and change. By the time we added the state inspection, which is no longer cheap, and tax, we were at nearly $850. Apparently if these things had stayed as they were it would have been Very Bad. I suspect that means as in might-have-burned-up-another-engine type of bad. (And please don't tell me about how I should have just bought a new car instead. We only have one car right now, and it needs to keep running. Even after we get another one, I would really like for this one to keep running. We certainly can't afford two new cars right now. Even if they're used.)

(GuildWars babbling behind the cut...)

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(Not behind a cut for once, since it's uncharacteristically brief.)

Funny how your perspective can change on things. I was still hunting for Ebon Spider Legs tonight - Alessa needed one to finish out her armor, and Mel still didn't have any at all - and suddenly I was so happy to see spiders! Now you have to understand that the spiders in GuildWars are about the size of a Hobbit - three or four feet tall, that is - and they have that same Apply Poison skill that I was saying that Tamaya the Ranger loves so much. They love it too, and a gang of them can bring you down fast if you're not careful. But tonight I didn't care, I wanted those spider legs. I actually went looking for more spiders at the end of the quest because Mel was still short a leg. But I got it (and one to spare), and now everybody has a full new set of armor and I can shut up about armor for a while. (Until Tamaya gets to the jungle, which won't be long. Then we can start the collector process all over again.)

In another GuildWars note, "Pants of Major Vigor" is one of those things that just can't help being funny. It's silly and childish to be amused, I suppose, but I am amused just the same. (I could explain, and perhaps I will later, but right now it's bedtime and I will just leave it at that!)


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