Jun. 26th, 2006

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a kalanchoe and, uh, other stuff
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I finally got out and worked on my plants last weekend - they had been living in more-or-less-benign neglect all spring. I threw away a lot of the smaller pots; nothing seemed to like living in them very much anyway. I'm pretty happy with the results really. Everything looks much less cluttered. I did buy another kalanchoe this week, because the one I have has always done pretty well. I'm not planning on buying a lot more plants, though, unless something I have dies. I don't seem to have a lot of interest in spending time on gardening lately, so it makes sense to keep things pared down.

I spent most of the day yesterday playing GuildWars, of course - first with Columbine in the afternoon, and then on my own and finally with a pick-up group last night.

Things at work are crazy, but I will write about that at some other time. Let's see, what else? We didn't go to a movie this weekend, because there was nothing we wanted to see. (And what's up with that? Isn't summer supposed to be prime blockbuster time?) Anyway, we went out to eat, instead. I ate the world's most gigantic baked potato. I'm not completely joking about that, the thing was a foot long, I kid you not. I barely made a dent in it.



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