Sep. 8th, 2006

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Today is the 40th birthday of Star Trek, apparently. I knew it was coming up - it was hard to miss, really, with all the Star Trek special things floating around - but I hadn't taken in what day was the official day. The scary thing is that I may have actually watched the premiere. At least, it was likely to have been on at my house, although I was six at the time and probably wasn't paying too much attention. By the time it went off the air, I was nine and a confirmed fan.

My new style is acting wacky on me - or maybe everybody's friendslists are, except that you'd think if it was that somebody else would've complained by now. Anyway, sometime yesterday, scrollboxes started appearing on each individual entry that was more than a few lines long. If it's supposed to be an "improvement" I don't like it. I looks very cluttered. I guess I could try changing my style again and see if that fixes it. Or I could be lazy and see if it fixes itself - that's more my usual style. Heh.

I am not at the annual quilt retreat this weekend, for the first time in eight years or so. In a way I wish I was there and then again, not so much. It's a big hassle, for one thing - you have to take so much stuff! - and I really wasn't wanting to expend the vacation days or the cash, either one, and then there's the whole Mom Problem. We just couldn't figure out how to make the logistics work out too well for her to go - so it's all for the best, I guess, that I didn't really want to go too bad anyway! My aunt Linda did go, and she was sort of pissed that we weren't going, really, but I know her and I know she will be fine. (She talks to everybody, quite frankly, whether she knows them or not. So while I'm sure she will miss us, it's not like she won't have anybody to talk to.)

Huh. Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting next year's Oscars. I like her, so that's fine with me. I didn't really expect Jon Stewart to be back, somehow. (Also, do they usually announce that this early?)

From J-list's newsletter: Did you know that when two Japanese people say the same thing at the same time, they don't say "Jinx" - they say "Happy ice cream!"?? I have to admit that I did not know that. (J-list's newsletter sort of annoys me, because it's always excessively long - but I stay on the list just to read the little tidbits about Japanese culture that are always at the beginning. I rarely ever get down as far as the part that talks about what they're actually selling.)

Hmm, that's enough odds & ends for the moment.


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