Sep. 18th, 2006

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My sister called last night wanting to put my mother in a nursing home. (She actually said that she thought it would be fun for Mom. She is officially insane.)

I am so not ready to deal with this.
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I'm not actually putting a link in this post, because I'm not at all sure I want to reward these people for this, but it's something I've never seen before so I have to comment on it:

View Millions of Jobs

The above was stamped in red ink onto a $5 bill I got this morning. Obviously it got my attention. Of course I imagine it's also quite illegal. Isn't there a law about defacing bills? I think there is, anyway.

But still, it's a new form of advertising - in my experience, anyway - and that makes it interesting.
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I am a hoarder of receipts. I keep all my debit card receipts at least until they've gone through the bank - longer if I think there's anything there that I might conceivably want to return - and I make most of my purchases with the debit card these days, so that means I keep practically everything. And I'm not at all good about going through and tossing them as often as I should. This morning I grabbed a handful off the bottom of the stack, and it turned out to go back to 2004. Then I have to go & get all nostalgic over the damn receipts, at least if they remind me of a dinner or even a shopping trip that I especially enjoyed.

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