Oct. 13th, 2006


Oct. 13th, 2006 12:05 am
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I am posting from my cell phone, let's see if it works!

Added: Here's the FAQ page for this, in case anybody's interested.
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Oh, this TxtLJ thing is going to be trouble - I already bought extra messages (notifications, I guess that's what they are) - I figured out how to check my friendslist and everything. You don't have to pay for the messages you send, what you have to pay for is the ones you receive - like you can say "read (whoever)" and it sends you that person's most recent post. You get 10 free for... having a paid account, I think? - and another 10 for registering for TxtLJ in October, but I figured if I'm sitting around bored next week I could use all those up easy, assuming I'm reading my friendslist via textmessage. So I bought 100 more, just to be safe. They roll over, anyway, and normally I would think that many would last me a good while. But on vacation, you never know.

(I think I have internet separation-anxiety, and Livejournal is totally being an enabler with this text-message business.)
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Our flight is not until after lunch tomorrow -- 12:50, I believe - so we do not quite have to get up at the crack of dawn. We are going to go eat a large breakfast on the way, though, since we will probably not get much in the way of an edible lunch. We plan on getting some kind of decent dinner in Chicago before we leave there. We are driving partway across Indiana and staying somewhere in the vicinity of South Bend. That way we can get rested and not have much further to drive on Sunday. We stay at the in-law's until Thursday, which really isn't that long. I probably exaggerate the probability that I will be all that incredibly bored. I will be somewhat bored, yes, but it's not like we're staying 10 days or something like that.

Thursday and Friday we have hotel reservations on the west side someplace, and we are going to wander around and do as we please. We are toying with the possibility of going to Milwaukee, just for the heck of it - mostly because I have never set foot in the state of Wisconsin before, and it seems like a good opportunity to remedy that.

Not quite the crack of dawn, but early enough. I think I will head toward bed.

Expect to hear from me at least a few times, in 160-character increments.


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