Nov. 23rd, 2006

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Did y'all notice that I renamed my journal? (I know that if you only look at your friendslist you won't see it.) I gave it the name my old journal had - Catchy Name Needed. I always liked that name pretty well, and other people have told me they liked it too; and it seemed weird to be going into Holidailies with a different name, since I've always used that one since I started doing it in 2003. So I went back to the old name and and subtitled it "version 2.0". Anybody who wanders over here from the NaBloPoMo list (click on the little icon below if you want to go there) won't see the same name they clicked on, but oh well. I haven't done too well at NaBloPoMo, anyway. This month has been too hectic. I don't know if next month will be better or worse - it could well be just as bad, at least - but I am going to make a more concerted effort to post regularly. (That's not to say that I have done terrible this month; I've written a good many entries and a good many decently long ones, too. But every day? No.)

(I think it's sort of funny that in my head a real journal entry has to be fairly long. The first journals I read (one was [info]xeney's) always had these nice little well-crafted miniature essays, and even though I'm not all that good at that sort of thing, I still think that's what a journal ought to be. I guess it's a nice standard to try to maintain, anyway.)

Jette said that there was somebody who started their journal just for Holidailies, and that wasn't me, but I started mine for just as goofy a reason - so I could go to Journalcon in Austin and not feel like an intruder. I don't know that it made a whole lot of difference because nobody still knew me except for the TUS people, and not near all of them did. But I hung around with [info]karen_d and[info]iko and Maya/Shawn - who was my roommate for the occasion - and I had a good time. ([info]columbina was there, incidentally, but he and I hadn't really gotten to be friends at that point yet and I only talked to him briefly. I think I talked to his wife longer than I talked to him, because I remember talking to her about baseball. It was that time of year.)

I had probably started chatting with TUS people by the time of J-Con Austin (which was in fall of 2003), first in[info]superplin's chat and then in TUS' own chat when that started up around that time, and sometime over that winter I became the chat princess - although I didn't get that name until the tiara incident, which was in April 2004, I know, and I got officially titled "Princess of Chat" at TUS after we got back from Las Vegas that June. So by the time we went to Vegas, somehow everybody at TUS knew me. (And somehow Col and I had this weird bonding experience over walking the soles of our feet off in 106-degree heat - trailing behind [info]nonelvis and [info]ms_hooligan because they both walk fast - and we've been friends ever since.)


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