Dec. 6th, 2006

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E-mail from CNN this morning:
-- President Bush's policy in Iraq "is not working," the Iraq Study Group said in releasing its long-awaited report.

Well, duh. This is breaking news?

I really don't understand how CNN decides what's "Breaking News" and what's not, as far as what deserves to go out on the e-mail list and what doesn't. Britney's divorce rated an e-mail - ok, I buy that one, marginally. I'm not very interested in the saga of Britney & Kevin, but I know that a lot of people are, and it was something that had been the subject of much speculation in the days before it happened. But Whitney Houston's divorce did too, and that woman is not exactly hot stuff these days. I think if Whitney's divorce really constitutes breaking news in the collective mind of CNN, then they ought to just rename themselves "The Star" and get it over with.

On the other hand, I had gotten very interested in the saga of the Kim family in the last couple of days, and I don't think I'm the only one. But no, apparently it is not Breaking News. (At least, I haven't gotten any e-mails. CNN's website is currently calling it a "Developing Story".)

I know that it's a judgment call and I'm sure there's some person in an office somewhere in Atlanta who sits around and agonizes about these things. But I don't really think they're doing a very good job.

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