Dec. 12th, 2006

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I have been reading people's entries from Holidailies, of course, and people's entries from my Livejournal friendslist, and a number of these people are knitters and talk about going to Stitch & Bitch. And it makes me jealous. I'm tempted to take up knitting just so I can go to Stitch & Bitch, which is silly, because I don't want to knit. I don't even know if there is a Stitch & Bitch here. I just want to go.

There are quilting bees, of course, which amount to the same thing, but I haven't found the right group. I probably haven't tried hard enough. I went to a bee that met once a month in Clear Lake for a couple of years, and I liked it, but what I need is one in Galveston. I guess I'm going to have to start going to the Galveston quilt guild again, and get into the bees from there. I didn't really try when I joined the one time before.

A couple of my work friends have joined a group that meets once a month and makes handmade cards. I think it's some kind of commerical thing like Creative Memories, except for cards instead of for scrapbooking. They've invited me to go and I think I might, after Christmas. You are expected to buy something, of course, but apparently not an onerous amount of stuff, and if I'm really thinking about making my own Christmas cards next year, I ought to get some supplies for this anyway.

What this is about, at least partly, is that I think I need more girlfriends. I don't need really super-close friends at this point, I'm too independent and prickly to want a whole lot of close friends who will be all in my business and need a lot of friendship-maintaining, plus I'm not at a point in my life, with my mother and everything, where I have a lot of energy for that kind of thing. But I could really use some not-quite-so-close ones.

Does that sound sort of heartless? I wonder. I don't think that's how I mean it. You can't just create a good friend overnight, anyway.

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