Dec. 19th, 2006

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Man, I am tired of being sick. I feel better this afternoon and I'm hoping that means I've finally turned the corner, but I'm afraid to believe it.

Well, let's see, I haven't talked about what I've been doing in several days. I did do a few things besides just hang around and be sick... Sunday I figured it would cause family drama if I said I was too sick to go see my mom, so we went anyway. We picked up lunch on the way over there from Angelo's, because my mom loves their penne con pesto. (The day she stops wanting to eat is the day I'm really going to be worried about her. She still loves her food.) She was talking better again Sunday, but my aunt had been there on Saturday and she said she wasn't then, so it may just have been a fluke. She also seems to be operating under the assumption that she will be going home soon and I just hope she's not going to be terribly disappointed about that. Art does seem to be willing to take her home again, if she gets strong enough, but she's not nearly there yet.

Oh, also, apparently they are planning to go to Glenn's house for Christmas so we are more-or-less definitely planning on going to Bryan. (I think Rob would rather go to Glenn's, quite frankly, but since we haven't been to Bryan for Thanksgiving or Christmas in two years, Bryan won out.) We will just be gone one night - go up Christmas Eve morning and come back after lunch Christmas day.

After we left Mom's we went to Fry's and we were planning on going to Wal-Mart but I was just completely exhausted by the time we got out of Fry's. It's a big place, but some of that I think was sickliness, too. Rob spent too much time picking out movies, as usual, but we weren't there that long. He got the Hammer version of The Mummy and some Dan Curtis movie that I had never heard of. And we bought me Willow. (Hush. I know it's cheesy. I still like it.)

We did make one more stop coming back - we stopped at Palais Royal. Remember how we were talking about that store called Peebles in Ohio? Well, it turns out that they are the same chain as Bealls and Palais Royal down here. And since my mother-in-law and Aunt Betty were so crazy about Peebles, we decided to get them gift certificates for Christmas. I hadn't been in the Palais Royal in Galveston in years and years because I thought it had really gone downhill the last time we were there. But it was nice again, and they had expanded into the old Walgreen's space next door, too. (Rob spent too much time browsing there, too - this time he was looking at shoes. Isn't it women who are supposed to be all into the shoe-shopping?)

Yesterday morning I was still coughing and sneezing and hacking, but I had a couple of things I was worried about at work - most notably, a meeting that needed changing that I forgot to take care of Friday - so I went in and stayed a couple of hours and then left. And today I didn't go in at all. Today, the sneezing and everything was better, but I woke up with a killer headache, and went back to bed and slept - or dozed, at least - all morning. By the time I woke up and had lunch and recovered, and realized that I did in fact feel better, it was 3:00 and too late to bother going in. (I imagine things are pretty slow this week, anyway. Hope I'm right about that!)

I did mail my in-laws' Christmas presents while I was at work yesterday, so that's taken care of. And I pretty much got the rest of the cards done yesterday afternoon. I still have some things to do, but I think I'll be able to manage to get everything taken care of by the weekend. If I don't have a relapse, anyway. Cross your fingers.

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