Dec. 23rd, 2006

Mmm, fudge

Dec. 23rd, 2006 01:45 am
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It is late and I am tired, and I am thinking about making fudge. Am I crazy? Well, maybe so, but I may do it anyway.

I'm not really sure why, but Armed and Famous sounds like the funniest thing ever. I can't help it. Celebrities with guns! Honestly, how can you beat that? (Maybe that is more proof that I'm really tired, but no, I've been thinking that for days, ever since I found out they were actual cops, all legal and everything. It just sounds like comedy gold, that's all I can say.)

There is fudge. Usually, every time I cook, I end up thinking about the reasons why I don't cook more; one of the major ones is that it's a serious minepit for somebody with attention-deficit disorder. There's a million ways to screw things up - not only burning the food and the obvious things like that, but also the truly dangerous stuff - burning me, or somebody else, waving a knife the wrong way at the wrong time. (I have come close to doing that one before.) Anyway, the good thing about this fudge recipe is that you don't step away from it for even ten seconds while it's cooking, so there's no danger of even somebody as spacy as me forgetting about it. It seems to be fine, and I will probably make another batch tomorrow. But not tonight.

(This was the fudge recipe I wrote about the other day - it's also here. I did double the pecans, more or less - I put half of a one-pound bag of pecan pieces in there. This is going to be some seriously nutty fudge.)

I didn't really do much today. I played GuildWars a lot - the Wintersday celebration is in full swing so that gave everybody new things to do - and I wrapped presents, and we went to the grocery store. Then I played GuildWars some more, and goofed around... and then I made fudge at 1 in the morning. That's about it.

Rima in Lion's Arch
A screenshot from GW: my elementalist Rima in Lion's Arch.

Holidailies gold
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I am not very interested in writing an entry. I have been fighting snowmen and finding treasure (in GuildWars), which is much more fun. Plus I am facing two days without GW and I am already having separation anxiety.

But I will not be here tomorrow, so I need to write an entry tonight in case I don't get around to writing one tomorrow. I have been known to write entries at my aunt's house, it's not inconceivable that I will - especially if she or my cousins start pissing me off. (When that happens I tend to go hide in the study where the computer is.) I am a little bit ahead on Holidailies and have been since the first day. I think a lot of people don't realize that you can post more than one entry a day, but you can - one in the morning and one at night, say. And I posted two the very first day - one of them I had written the night before - and so I have had that cushion all along. The fact that I haven't used it before now is a little bit of a surprise, actually.

The only thing I really did other than play games today was I drove up to the mainland and went to Houston Garden Center and to HEB. My mother had made me promise to buy rosemary trees at HGC, I think I mentioned that once before. I only bought one, and I bought myself some other stuff - a christmas cactus, a cyclamen, and some pansies. There was nobody at all in the garden center - people around here buy their trees early for the most part (and a lot of them take them down right after Christmas, too). There were lots of trees, still, and pretty ones, but nobody was buying them. On the other hand, HEB (which is a grocery store, for you non-Texans) was a zoo. For one thing, there were a couple of very disgruntled-looking reindeer out front, and kids were having their picture taken with them. And inside, everybody was buying clementines - they were on sale and they looked good, I got some - and booze and stuff from the bakery. HEB has a good bakery and they were selling rolls and pies and things like crazy. The baking aisle was pretty mobbed too, so not everybody was getting their pies pre-made. I bought cough drops (of course) and some of those disposable containers to put my fudge in, and a six-pack of cranberry hard lemonade to take to my aunt's house. I think I'm going to take that bottle of Tanqueray that seems to make me sick to my stomach, too. Somebody will drink it.

Have I mentioned that? I was getting sick to my stomach every time I made a drink with gin. But if I went to a restaurant and ordered a margarita or a screwdriver I was fine. So I finally faced the fact that the gin was the culprit, and went and bought a bottle of vodka to make drinks with at home. I don't drink all that much at home, but I like to have something on hand for when I get in the mood!

Holidailies gold


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