May. 11th, 2007


May. 11th, 2007 09:55 am
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I am supposed to be leaving to go to Bryan at noon, and I have plenty of work to do, so what have I been doing this morning? Looking at Vegas hotel prices. I told Rob he owes me an anniversary trip, and Ohio doesn't count. (But I have no idea when we're going. What with the moving sometime this year and everything, it could be next winter before we get around to it.)

I also haven't packed. I was really tired last night and I just went to bed early - unusual for me. So I have to go home and pack when I get off work. This is no big deal as far as clothing and such for two nights, but we are also supposed to be quilting this weekend so I have to gather all that stuff up again.

The whole weekend is sort of an experiment, anyway - remember how I used to complain about my aunt all the time? (Some of you probably do, at least!) Well, so, a whole weekend alone with her, more or less - we have been getting along better lately but this could be straining the point. But at least we have something to do, and her kids will be around some, presumably, so it will probably be ok. I've just gotten a little nervous about it as the time has gotten closer.

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