May. 14th, 2007

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Exxon, Galveston, May 2007
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I snapped this sitting at the light Friday on the way out of town. And incidentally, when I came back on Sunday it had changed to 2.95 for regular.

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Because I threw my back out again and it hurts to walk, I rode in with Rob and he dropped me off at the circle outside. The downside to this was that he left the house at 7. It was a really pretty drive today, though, and since I was the passenger I could look to my heart's content. The water was almost glass-slick - really unusual this time of year - and there were hundreds of pelicans in the water all the way up and down the beach, in small groups. They were right up on the beach, which is also unusual for them, but the fishing seemed to be good there. You could see them swallowing.

The weekend went pretty good, other than the back thing. My aunt seems to behave completely differently when the rest of the family is not around. We didn't get all that much quilting done, but we did do some. I trimmed my half-square triangles that I sewed at the retreat, and I sewed together a bunch of leftover green squares to finish the back for my green quilt. Each of those took a while - there are 80 of those darn triangles, after all! But between just talking and going to the quilt shop in College Station and my cousins coming over Saturday night, all of those non-quilting things took up a lot of time too. I started to work on the indigo log cabins late Saturday afternoon, and it just made me tired to look at them. I went and took a nap instead!

I made the drive each way in a little under three hours, which is surprising. I thought it would take longer. I was also worried about the traffic because it was graduation weekend at A&M, but it wasn't bad. I took the Beltway around Houston Friday afternoon - and finally got to try out my EZtag that I got after I bought the new car - but coming back I didn't bother because it was Sunday morning and I figured the traffic shouldn't be that bad. (Also, I didn't think about getting on the Beltway again until after I had passed the exit, which was a factor as well!) But it was fine, and I got home just in time for the Astros game, and Rob was happy to see me, so all was well.

Except for my back. Ow.


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