Jun. 13th, 2007

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"They just build and build, like nothing else in baseball. The way that Justin Verlander struck out the first two Milwaukee batters of the game Tuesday night, you could think: That would be no-hit stuff if he could sustain it for nine innings. When Verlander struck out seven in the first four innings, you could think: This might be the best he's ever looked. And when he wheeled into the seventh, you could think: He's gone from not allowing any hits to seriously working on a no-hitter. From there, the adrenaline and the bedlam and the Tigers' defense took over."

From here (I'm pretty sure that's a page you can get to without having a subscription) - scroll down past the NBA stuff and there's a pretty good round-up of pieces about Verlander and his stuff.*

* "Stuff" being a technical term in baseball, you understand.


Jun. 13th, 2007 04:46 pm
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Did y'all know that the FCC got smacked down by a federal appeals court? It happened a week or so ago, but somehow I missed this one completely. (And actually, that little Times Select blurb is the only other thing I found about it, so maybe the networks are laying low on the subject or something.) Well, anyway, because I am all about the quotes lately, here is part of what Mark Morford had to say about it:

Because as far as Bush's God-spanked FCC is concerned, it is, always and forever, all about protecting the children. Or rather, it is all about protecting some imaginary Christian Everychild, some sort of perfect hypersheltered dovelike organism made of spun glass and delicate bunny hearts and little golden crucifixes, a fragile, blessed thing whose happy, unblemished life had been completely free of blood or spit or pain right up until he overheard Bono say "f--" at the Golden Globes and his precious virgin heart shattered forever.

Spun glass and bunny hearts. I like that.
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Father's Day card
Originally uploaded by Mellicious.

OK, so remember how I didn't want the printer in order to print, really, I just wanted the scanner? That didn't last long. It occurred to me tonight that, gee, I needed Father's Day cards. I looked at the Hallmark website and they did have cards you could personalize and print (for some reason I knew that they did), but they were $2.99 - just about as much as buying one in the store. And I did have card stock that I had bought at some point. And hmm, I wonder if Photoshop Elements does cards... well, yes, they do. It took me a little while to figure out layers and all that, but whee! cards!

On the inside it has one more picture from that set and it says, "and may you not be attacked by fierce wild dogs"

I didn't really know why I was buying Photoshop Elements, exactly, but at this rate it could pay for itself in no time.


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