Sep. 7th, 2007

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So I'm still thinking about our Vegas trip. Whatever planning I'm going to do, I will pretty much do in the next couple of weeks. Then I will half-forget about this trip until it's nearly time to pack. At least, that's my normal pattern. So I figure I need to do stuff like buy show tickets now, and then it'll be ok if I don't think about it again until December 20th.

I posted this question over on TUS, but there are people who read here and don't read there, and nobody's answered me there yet anyway - so here's my question. If we're going to do (what's apparently become) the normal Vegas thing and go to a Cirque du Soleil show, which one should we go to? Neither of us has ever been to one, and there is the "adult" one which Rob might enjoy more, but if I'm going to spend that much money on a show, I'd rather see the best one and not just  the one with the tits. All of them have shows on one or the other of the nights that we'll be there. (We'll actually be there three nights, but we're not getting in till fairly late the first night so I'm not counting it where the shows are concerned.) And then there's also Spamalot as a possibility. And if we do something "clean" one night, then I do still have to find something that's NOT to go to the other night, or I will be in trouble. As far as the Cirque shows, we will be staying very close to two of them - the one actually at TI, which I forget the name of (Mystere, maybe?), and the Beatles one at the Mirage. Which is what I'm most tempted to see, really. But if somebody has a strong opinion about this, please speak up!

I finally remembered to look at the normal weather for Las Vegas in December. Average high is 57, average low is 37. Which is about like here, really. Maybe slightly cooler, but not much. Anyway, we'll definitely be taking coats, as I suspected that we would.


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