Oct. 10th, 2007

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I am late to this party, I know, but I have discovered The Killers. I've got several of their songs on a mix CD that I've been playing in the car, and I have noticed that I perk up every time one of their songs comes on. Obviously I need to download some more.

I have been on the phone with the electric company. I had been all worried about transferring the phone and the internet service, and forgot all about the electricity. I think I will miss it if it's not there, don't you? Then for a minute I thought, "Oh, and I forgot the water, too!" before I remembered that the apartment complex pays for water. I am a ditz, but anyway, that's one thing less I have to worry about. I do wonder what other terribly important thing I'm forgetting, though, considering that it took me all this time to think about electricity.

Should I buy Rob a bust of Saruman for Christmas? I would get it like a shot if it was cheaper, but $50? I don't know. He does love him some Chris Lee and he would think it was great - and then he would put it in the china cabinet and forget all about it. Seems like a lot to pay for that.

My aunt e-mailed me - I hadn't talked to her in a while. She was talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. We are definitely going up there for Christmas. I'm not so sure about Thanksgiving. I'm sure we will still be unpacking, and it'd be kind of nice to stay home. But I could probably be persuaded to go up there for one night, anyway.

I haven't talked to my dad, either, I suppose I should do something about that, but I don't really much want to, is what it comes down to. Sigh.


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