Nov. 10th, 2007

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Trivia: Thirty-two years ago today, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior in bad weather. (If it wasn't for The History Channel, I would not know this. I did know it was in November, because the song is rattling around my head somewhere, but not the exact date.)

I hadn't been to my mom's house since the move, so I figured I had to go today. If I can force myself to stay long enough, we can get the rest of the stuff cleaned out of it pretty fast. Even just going once a week for a couple of hours, I think we will be done in a few weeks, now. It's about time, isn't it?

We went and ate at Jason's Deli on the way, and then we went by Hobby Lobby on the way home. Hobby Lobby was, of course, a zoo, on a Saturday afternoon this time of year. Rob decided he wanted another Christmas tree - we gave away our old, big one, and all we had was the little white one that we've been using the last couple of years. Apparently Rob felt that we should have a green one. (Although the old one got hijacked by his co-workers on the way to Goodwill and is now in his office, so it's not like he can't see it! And they already have it up and decorated, too, which is just silly.) So we bought a little non-pre-lit green tree on sale for $15 or so. I hate putting lights on trees so I prefer the pre-lit ones in general, but it's only 4-1/2 feet tall so it's not like putting the lights on will be a big ordeal. Of course we ended up buying other assorted holiday stuff, too. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what it was at the moment! Anyway, I'm planning on putting up both of the small trees - the white one and the green, although I haven't quite figured out where yet. I have plenty of ornaments for both, no problem.  But I'm not putting them up a minute before Thanksgiving, because that would be an abomination. Part of me thinks that before December 1st is an abomination, especially as early as Thanksgiving is this year, but on the other hand it'd be good to get it done while we are off work. So we'll see. At least we got going in HL over with because it will probably be even worse later.

Oh, Art called while we were over at Mom's, and he is going to clean out the storage room outside for us, which is good, and find out if his son wants any of the remaining furniture (which is only the bed and the couch). So that's good. I also invited him for Thanksgiving, which I didn't really intend to do. This is what happens once you decide to cook, apparently. If I'm lucky he won't take me up on it!


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