Nov. 16th, 2007


Nov. 16th, 2007 03:52 pm
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I had the afternoon off, and it was a pretty productive one, for a change. I (1) went to the bank, (2) went to the Municipal Court and turned in my defensive driving stuff, (3) got my oil changed and my tires rotated*, (4) had lunch, (5) entered stuff in MS Money, and (6) wrote entries. That's not bad for four hours and change. A friend of mine came in while I was at the Ford dealer**, with her two-week old baby.  She said she's already going crazy staying home with the baby all the time, so they are running one errand every day. I hardly ever see her so I enjoyed getting to talk to her for a bit. The baby is cute, in that sort of watery-eyed newborn way. (I am not a baby person. We have already established that. Some of my co-workers, though, will be terribly jealous that I got to see the baby and they didn't. I should've IM'd them when I got home and taunted them!)

Various linkage:
A really killer vocabulary quiz, and you get to give to charity at the same time. (Thank you to whoever on my friendslist linked to this; I've forgotten who it was!)

I get the occasional Star Wars newsletter that I mostly ignore, but once in a while I see something there that brings out the geek in me. (Oh, who am I kidding? We found half a dozen large Lord of the Rings figurines when we moved, several of which I had forgotten we ever bought, plus half a dozen or so Star Wars figures, a couple of Buffy cars, a Nosferatu... We may not be your typical geeks, but I think our overall geekiness is pretty clear.) Anyway, what started this? I totally want a Millennium Falcon cat bed. Of course I'd have to get a cat to go with it.

I just went looking for the thing from last year that was tickling at the edges of my memory, and found it: the action figure wreath (also from Just in time for everybody to make their own for the holidays! (Hmm, I do have those action figures - but I don't think Rob would let me paint the Chris Lee or Peter Cushing ones. Tells you something about Rob, doesn't it? He could care less about the one of Princess Leia in the bikini.)

* Don't be dirty. OK, yeah, I thought it too.

** I am such a snob about car brands. I like my car but I hate that it's a Ford. It bothers me to admit that I was at the Ford dealer and not at the Honda or Toyota dealer.


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