Nov. 17th, 2007

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We went to the grocery store on the way home from my mom's house earlier, and it was really busy, which was no surprise - after all, it's less than a week until Thanksgiving, makes sense that people are stocking up on groceries. But the traffic was also really heavy, and that I don't understand. It's a rainy Saturday in November, why are there a zillion people on the Seawall? It's 6pm, it's dark, and there's no shopping to speak of on the Seawall, unless you want to buy tourist gew-gaws for Christmas gifts! (Which, okay, some people might want to do for one reason or another - but I don't think it's suddenly a major shopping destination.) Oh well. Some things are just unexplainable, I suppose!

We went to Fry's, also, and bought Rob a bunch of movies for Christmas gifts - I don't try to surprise him, too much, because he usually has certain things that he wants, and they are pretty unpredictable, at least to me. Here's the movies we bought: Burnt Offerings, Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror (two movies in one package - and that's the old Tales from the Crypt, not the recent version) and The House that Dripped Blood (which is a Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing one, I probably could've guessed that one if I'd known it existed!). They were all 9.99 each, which makes them a pretty good deal, I guess. We also bought him a Flight Simulator add-on called "Battle of Britain" which we don't know anything about, I hope it's decent cause it was not especially a bargain. And we bought me some old Half Life games just for something to play with when I'm bored! (I have never played Half Life and have no idea if I'll like it, but hey, it was $10 as well.)

I was thinking I might buy him a DVD player to put in the bedroom - Rob first said he didn't even care about having the TV there, but I noticed it has been getting used a good bit. If I get it, then he can watch his horror movies in the bedroom while I'm on the computer in the living room. A lot of those movies make me crazy. I looked at the region-free ones from J-list but they weren't especially cheap. I am going to look around more before I go and buy one.

(11:59, I think I'd better stop!)


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