Nov. 26th, 2007

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I felt like crap for most of the day today. I don't think I slept too well last night, which tends to happen after holidays - although I'm not as bad about staying up late as I used to be. I tend to go to bed by 1am or so even when I don't have to work, where I used to stay up til 2 or 3 routinely. I've gotten where I wake up early even when I go to bed late, so I get tired earlier. A bit earlier, anyway.

Did you know that today is known - in the holiday marketing business, anyway - as Cyber Monday? I think the term "cyber" conjures up something different than this for a lot of us, but in this case it means that people go back to work on the Monday after Thanksgiving and place a lot of online orders from the (theoretically faster) computer at their workplace. I guess this explains all those Free Shipping! e-mails I've gotten from various companies today. (Including Macy's - Today Only!!!) I've been thinking the last few years that you could measure the relative strength of the economy by how many companies are offering free shipping, and there's a lot of that this year. Last year I can't think of anybody other than LLBean who was doing it. (And I guess you'd have to say that it works, I bought a whole bunch of stuff from LLBean last year.)

They keep talking about the "soft" economy, but the thing is, I don't know anybody who's really been hit by the housing crunch that badly - or if they are, they're not saying much about it, at least. We are spending somewhat less on gifts this year, but the reasons are different - between the new computer and the trip to Vegas, I figure I've gotten my gifts already. Rob's still getting his usual pile of movies. And we'll have to order something or other for my in-laws and my dad at some point soon. The fact is, with my mother and grandparents all gone, I don't have that many people left to buy gifts for. I always get a gift card for my teenage nephew, and I don't ever buy my little cousins gifts at all - they've always seemed to get plenty anyway. Maybe I should start buying all the kids something small.

And that leads me to Matthew Yglesias, who thinks people should buy stamps as Christmas gifts. Now, I don't really think very many people would appreciate stamps as gifts- read the comments for evidence of that - but as it happens, I know somebody who would. And he is totally getting stamps for Christmas.

Also, I guess everybody but me knew about "Cyber Monday" - at least, I got at least half a dozen e-mails that called it that. Did that term just get spread around this year all of a sudden, or was it around before and I just missed it?

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