Dec. 15th, 2007

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I've been addressing Christmas holiday cards for the last couple of hours. It's funny, I always think I have plenty of cards until I actually start addressing them, and then I inevitably find I don't have enough. The main problem is that I keep saying I'm going to stop buying ones that refer to Christmas, and then I see some Christmas ones that I like and I buy them anyway. But then I don't want to send them to anybody who might possibly not want a Christmas card - and the only people I'm fairly sure don't mind are the people I've known forever, mostly meaning my relatives. (Where I draw the line personally is that I don't mind a bit getting cards that say "Merry Christmas" but I'm somewhat put off by the really religious ones. If it quotes the bible at me, it's probably too religious for my taste. Or if it refers to Him, capitalized. That sort of thing. And I inevitably get a few of those every year.)

I told Rob that, especially considering how late I'm running on the cards, anyway, it's better to send holiday cards than Christmas cards, because they're not "late" once Christmas is over. Hey, a New Year's card isn't late until the year isn't new any more, right? Meaning all of January ought to be safe, at the very least, don't you think?

Anyway, I've already used up the cards that say, "Let it snow!" on the front - which say on the inside, "Joyous greetings of the season" or something to that effect. (Then I worry that all the stuff about Joy has a religious subtext, but that doesn't stop me from sending them anyway.) I had a box with four different designs of botanical drawings that I really liked and thought was safe, but one of the designs turns out to say, "Merry Christmas" - dammit. So that's four or five more cards that won't do - especially for the TUS people, some of whom have been known to be touchy about this stuff. I also have a box of cards with a Currier and Ives print that I found at my mother's house - but they're too formal for my taste, they look sort of corporate to me. I have been gradually working through those, just the same - I get less and less picky as I get more and more desperate! I also have various cards left over from past years, but then I worry that I will send somebody the same card I sent them last year, horror of horrors. Sending cards is just a minefield, one way and another, I wonder sometimes why I bother at all.

At what point are you becoming overly politically correct, anyway? I waffle back and forth on this point. Sometimes I think people go to far on one side and then I'll think it's on the other end that people are getting goofy about it. On the one hand, I basically think Christmas has become a secular holiday anyway. (My sister has been heard to say that that's why she doesn't celebrate Christmas. My answer was that that's why I do.) On the other hand, I can imagine how annoying it must be to be Jewish or Muslim or whatever, and be bombarded by all of this Christmas crap for, hell, a good two months out of every year. I'd be annoyed, too. (And sometimes I am!)

(As it happens, I have a whole post about religion percolating in my brain, believe it or not. Now the next question is whether I'll ever get around to actually writing it down.)

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