Dec. 16th, 2007

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I'm tired, so I don't know how much I'm going to have to say tonight. I don't know why I'm tired, actually, because I didn't really do a damn thing today - played GuildWars, went to a movie, the usual Sunday stuff. Come to think of it, Sunday went by really, really fast - how the heck is it over already?

The movie we went to was "Enchanted" and I liked it quite a bit. It managed to - I'm trying to think how to word this - it managed to subvert the "fairy-tale princess" genre and stay pretty true to it at the same time. Which is a fine line to walk. And oh my god, Amy Adams had the princess thing down, too. (In the middle of the movie Rob said, "She moves like a cartoon!") We went to see it mostly because I was looking at Rotten Tomatoes and it's about the highest-rated movie that's out right now, at least of the ones in wide release. (Well, "No Country for Old Men" is a little higher, actually. But I wasn't in a mood for something depressing.)

Oh, also, Rob went to "I Am Legend" yesterday - I wouldn't go, see "not in the mood" above - and he just said it was okay. He said the reviews that said it falls apart towards the end were about right. Sometimes I use Rob as a movie tester - if he goes to see something and likes it enough that he wants to see it again, I'll go with him the 2nd time - and he didn't seem very hot to see it again. So it's pretty doubtful I'll see it before it comes out on DVD. But hey, it made $76 million, so apparently plenty of other people went! (And huh, "Enchanted" has made $92 million - I didn't realize it had been doing that well.)

(In other movie news, Dark Knight IMAX footage! While it lasts! I watched the trailer online earlier and had to go look it up to see who was under the Joker makeup, because I had no earthly idea.)

I was sort of tempted to follow the Holidailies prompt, for once, and write about snow, or the lack thereof. Except, you know, I've spent most of my life in the southern half of Texas. I haven't really seen a lot of snow. There probably is an entry there, at that, but it's not coming today.

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