Dec. 19th, 2007

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I'm so tired. For those of you who didn't get the benefit of the 6am entry this morning, I have been up since 5 or so. I wrote a locked entry early this morning, but don't really worry that you missed anything too terrifically exciting, it was just more along the lines of the one I wrote last night, except a bit more specific. I think I've gotten it out of my system a little bit now.

I need to make some pre-Christmas phone calls but I'm too tired to deal with it right now. I don't think I could be coherent. I'm sitting here watching "Ghosthunters" (not really by my own choice, you understand) and mostly just vegging out. I don't think you're going to get much more in the way of an entry from me tonight, either, unless I find a tangent to get off on.

We had the baby shower today - I'm not sure the mom-to-be was too impressed by my bibs, but I don't care, I still think they're cute and I think she will find them useful with the oilcloth and everything even if they're not really her style. (Apparently they're not really[personal profile] columbina's style either, he said he wasn't sure how he would feel about dressing his child in the tablecloth from the italian restaurant. Or something to that effect, anyway.)

It was a hectic day. It started with org charts and continued with balky printers and baby showers and by this afternoon I was just wiped out. The advantage of hectic days is that they go by really fast, though. Now there is just tomorrow and half of the day Friday and then Christmas and Vegas looming way too fast. I don't think I'm ready. (Also, the 10-day forecast for Vegas is looking rather ominous for at least one day we'll be there - they can't make up their minds if it'll be rain or snow, it's bounced around from one to the other since I started checking it yesterday, but they seem pretty sure it'll be one or the other. And cold - I think if it's gonna be cold I'd rather have snow. Cold rain is nasty.)

I did get a few cards done earlier, which along with the gift-wrapping of yesterday does make me feel somewhat more prepared. I also need to sit down again and figure out if there's any more gifts I need to buy that I've forgotten about. That would probably help. But not tonight. Tonight I'm staring at the wall a while and then going to bed. Or maybe just the latter.


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