Dec. 23rd, 2007

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I am at my aunt's house and I have had several wine coolers and I feel mildly giddy. (I have been making the wine coolers very, very weak or I would feel more than just slightly giddy by now since I think this is my third one.) Half the time when we come here all the cousins are here and it is chaos, but none of them are here tonight. It's just me, Rob, Linda, and Linda's 90-something year old father. (94? I can never keep track.) Whatever his age is, he's very hale and hearty for it, although he has finally started noticeably slowing down in the last year or so - since around the time his wife died, actually, although that may be at least partly coincidence since he doesn't generally appear to be pining for her. Hard to really know, though.

We mostly ended up doing the packing at the last minute but we managed to get out the door only slightly later than we intended - a little after noon. We stopped and ate on the way, and also stopped at Target after we got to College Station, and still got to Linda's house not long after 5. At Target, I found a cute fleece hat and some black fleece gloves, because I'm pretty sure I didn't bring mine with me and I'm pretty sure I'm going to want some before this trip is over. That's about all we bought. Target was crowded but it didn't take us all that long to check out, so it wasn't bad. LInda made dinner for us - spaghetti - even though we told her that we probably wouldn't be hungry, and of course we ate anyway. Then we have just watched TV since then (TAR - Kint and Viksyn (sp?) had a very bad day, didn't they? and incidentally, Linda didn't seem worried by the pink hair but she wasn't at all sure about Kint. She thought he seemed a bit strange! And apparently she's never heard of Goths before.)

Stephanie has to work tomorrow so she is home, and all of the kids are having their Christmases with their respective dads tonight, apparently. (Three kids, two dads.) Tomorrow by lunch time people are supposed to be gathering over here, I'm told. I still have to go in the morning and buy Linda a gift certificate or something. I didn't think she'd be especially thrilled by a Target one. And then actually she told me she hasn't bought anything for Rob so maybe I will volunteer to buy him something at the same time.

And I can't think of much else to say. Except that hmm, I happened to glance at my profile page - yesterday I had 79 mutual friends and today I have 80 - I guess [ profile] aet has undeleted her journal again! (That's a lot of friends! I feel popular!)


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