Jan. 2nd, 2008

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(Written in our hotel room, Thursday, Dec. 27)

One thing I haven't said about Las Vegas is that whoever it was who told me that the crowd this time of the year might be different was definitely right. More international, they said – and well, I guess Americans were probably still the majority, but if they were it wasn't by much. Lots of people speaking Spanish. Lots of people speaking French. I still can't usually tell one Asian language from another (to my chagrin), but there were lots of those, too. There has started to be a new influx of Americans, though – it's much more crowded, generally, than it was yesterday. I assume these are people coming in for the holiday weekend. (Rob doesn't like the big crowds; it's a good thing we're leaving.)

So today was really just more of the same – we walked all around Caesar's and otherwise just generally wandered. We did finally get to see the damn Bellagio fountains – set to the Hallelujah Chorus, no less – at 3:30 this afternoon, after which we headed back to TI. It was already getting twilight-ish, by then – it gets dark noticeably earlier here than at home – and I was cold and we were both rather cranky. And we had dinner reservations, so a good rest seemed in order.

After much discussion, we decided to keep our original dinner reservations at the TI steakhouse. And I'm glad we did. It was awfully damn expensive, but it was very good. We even got our picture taken. (I suspect that that will make its way online at some point.) I had homemade tater tots, a thing which I never thought existed (tater tots only come in Ore-Ida, don't they?) and homemade fucking ketchup, for god's sake, and a glass of shiraz, and a salad and a filet mignon. Rob had a NY strip and a cocktail (and a giant baked potato). Neither one of us had room to even contemplate dessert. I ate every bite of the filet, which was miraculously cooked exactly the way I like it, and that is something I am very, very picky about. It was just plain scrumptious.


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