Feb. 8th, 2008

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I really do love that[profile] electoralvoteguy (even though I don't really know who the heck he is):

In the unlikely event you missed the news, Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race saying it was for the good of the party and his dropping out would help fight terrorism. Literally he said: "Frankly, in this time of war, I simpy cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding the surrender to terror." English translation: I spent $35 million of my own money on this campaign and all I got was 286 lousy delegates. That's $122,000 per delegate. If that wacko from Arkansas hadn't run, I might have won this and then the terrorists would be quaking in their camel-hide boots." This is why people have such low respect for politicians: they lie all the time. He's not dropping out for the sake of the country. He's dropping out because he lost. Seems pretty clear.

(Emphasis mine.)

Also scroll down on today's entry and read the part about lessons we learned from the candidates, because it's pretty funny. I was tempted to quote the whole thing, but I will refrain.

From[profile] anjea, who I think said she got it from[profile] quiltingpirate:

The Recipe For Mel

3 parts Tolerance
2 parts Originality
1 part Instinct

Splash of Brilliance

Sip slowly on the beach

How'd they know I live on the beach?


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