Feb. 24th, 2008

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[personal profile] columbina was trashing the Oscars earlier (don't go looking for the entry, this was in GuildWars chat) and I was defending them, and he didn't seem to understand why. But I love the Oscars. I certainly don't get as excited about the whole thing as I used to but I still enjoy them. I think maybe it's because they're really about movies, not about celebrities. I know it becomes as much about the celebrities as the movies, but I still give it a pass. I can't really defend my fondness for the whole big ridiculous monstrosity in any really coherent way, but darnit, it's just the Oscars. They're an institution.

Also, there's a really odd liveblog going on oscar.com - I haven't quite figured out who's writing it, but I'm guessing it's not a publicist or anything.

(There will probably be another entry later about jewelry, but I will make that a separate thing.)
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Well, I have a little picture of jewelry and a big one, so I'll put the little one out in the open and the big one behind a cut.

Glass leaf earrings

I mentioned this pair of earrings and one of the bracelets (the 2nd one) below in this entry a week ago - these are the unidentified glass leaves, which Fire Mountain seems not to sell any more. They have a sort of antiquey glittery thing going that I like.


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