Apr. 30th, 2008

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Weekend update: My dad came to visit and we ended up riding the ferry. Not really what I would have picked to do on my birthday but it was pleasant enough (except for the hordes of love-bugs that swarmed us at one point). Also in the "not what I would have picked to do on my birthday" category was going to Alvin to pick up my quilts from the quilt show, which I had to do as soon as we got back from ferry-riding, and we were almost late, at that. (There's a reason I rarely visit my home-town - it's a long drive to nowhere.) (And the other half of the weekend was uneventful - I was so tired from running around all day Saturday that I didn't even stir from the house on Sunday.)

Birthday gift update: I don't think I ever put the picture of my birthday present over here, which I will now do. I'm not sure everybody will think this is worth the (rather substantial) amount of money that it cost, but oh well. It's a hundred-odd year old collectible - from back when "collectibles" were  things that were made in small quantities - from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (celebrating the 60th year of her reign) in 1897. I also got a fairly substantial wad of cash, which is always nice, and a couple of gift cards that are actually very belated Christmas gifts! Hey, better late than never. (And both the plate and World of Warcraft were waiting for me at home yesterday.)Game update: Knowing me I will probably go on at some length about this, so I will do a cut for this too.
Whee... )
Linkage: Interesting editorial from David Brooks yesterday about the divide in the Democratic Party. I can't say that I disagree with his conclusions, particularly.


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