Jun. 11th, 2008

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(that phrase just popped into my head, I have no idea if I saw it somewhere or what. I have the memory of a gnat sometimes, so it's always possible.)

Col made a pie chart depicting how we spend our time in WoW, which I won't try to reproduce here because it's illegible at a small size. Go look at the original size instead. (I do think it exaggerates the amount of time we spend deciding what to do, but only slightly.)

Actual conversation during the making of above pie chart:

Remember way back when (it was February or March, maybe) when I bought the tickets to the Yankees and the Red Sox? At the time, it did not occur to me that these tickets were in June and so was Father's Day, etc. etc., and I promised some of the tickets to my friend* Emily, but Emily, after saying she wanted them initially, never replied back to a couple of e-mails about it, and so I decided that I probably could feel free to give away/sell the tickets. And when I looked to see when exactly these tickets were - you can probably see this coming - lo, they were on Father's Day. So I got to call my dad and say, "You want to go see the Yankees Sunday?" and he is pretty happy about that. And yay, everybody wins. (Except Emily, if she should decide she still wants to go. But that's the breaks.)

*This would be "friend" in the sense of "somebody I hung around with years ago and now talk to one or twice a year".

Random comics:
Have you seen Doonesbury this week on gay divorces? It's looking interesting. (And I have no idea who Mark was supposed to be married to so I can't feel bad about it.) I particularly like today's - "sanctioned by a defunct airline"! (I am informed that these are not new strips, incidentally, but I hadn't seen them before!)

And I was reading early xkcd's, for some reason, and found this Serenity group portrait, which amused me. (I should point out for non-readers of xkcd that if you hover, there's a legend.) (Also, I had apparently never read through the early part of the archives before. There's some interesting stuff in there.)


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