Sep. 9th, 2008

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I know I hadn't even gotten around to posting here about Ike yet, but it looks like we are not evacuating unless it makes another unexpected turn. (They expect a turn, they just don't expect it to be enough to bring it up towards us.) Yesterday we thought there was a high chance that we would be. I guess I need to call my aunt and tell her not to buy any extra groceries yet.

In unrelated news, [ profile] columbina  linked to this column of Scalzi's and I really, really think it's right on the money. Every Democrat/liberal/progressive in America needs to stop and take a deep breath and refocus. Including me. (And possibly Obama - although considering that he's practically being ignored in the news right now, it's hard to know.)
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(See previous entry if you're wondering what I spoke too soon about - although I think this will end up being self-explanatory.) We just got this e-mail forwarded from the weather guru people:

Latest data indicate high pressure to the north of Hurricane Ike is likely to weaken faster allowing the storm to track farther north up toward the mid Texas coast in the vicinity of Matagorda Bay early Saturday morning.  Due to the northward shift, there is now a increasing threat of a more severe impact from Hurricane Ike on the mid and upper Texas coast Friday afternoon through Saturday.  Ike is still forecast to move onshore as a Category 3 hurricane.  An updated track is currently being prepared and will be disseminated by 4:30 PM CDT.

Matagorda Bay is not us, but it's close enough to put evacuation back on the table, probably. Sigh.
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