Dec. 26th, 2008

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(Written Christmas night)

I enjoyed the day today - mostly, anyway. I had a sneaky headache that wouldn't go away, but other than that it was fine with me. Rob didn't enjoy it so much, I think. He's not used to kids and we had three small ones (three under three, that is, plus a couple of somewhat bigger ones) and one in particular who kept making a ruckus every time he didn't get his way about something. We weren's sure if we were coming home today or tomorrow but the noise level decided it, I think. (I kept thinking of Dr Seuss: "Oh the noise! noise! noise! noise!") So we stayed until about 5:00 and then drove on home. We got here about 7:30, which wasn't too bad.

Of course, since I said that I didn't mind Christmas Eve services because of the carols, the service we went to turned out to be a sort of a mildly-icky contemporary service, not at all like the last time we went to that church. There were carols, but they were interspersed randomly (as far as I could tell) with songs I'd never heard before, none of which were Christmas-related at all. I call that false advertising. -- Oh, and I almost forgot the very best part: apparently they are in desperate need of a proofreader for the program that was handed out - one of the carols was billed, no joke, as "Hark, The Harold Angels Sin".

I was going to write more about Christmas, but I'm very tired and it's late. I'll talk about gifts and stuff tomorrow.


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