Dec. 29th, 2008

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I don't think I've really talked about WoW all month, except in a tangential way. I know you've been missing it! Here's the thing: we've been questing in Outland for the past month or so, Col and I, and that's been going (mostly) fine, but I've also had this little side project going on that has necessitated many trips back to the "old country" when Col wasn't around - I've been trying to get Mellificent the Paladin's blacksmithing up to snuff. There's a whole series of quests for the Mithril Order which I had previously ignored, and then there's another quest chain for Armorsmithing. And I decided to do both of these. Mostly this has consisted of many, many mining runs in order to get enough ore - mostly mithril but also thorium and assorted other stuff - to make all the items you need for this quest. Basically, you have to do the Mithril Order part in order to get the recipes you need to become an Armorsmith. It took me many, many runs around Un'goro Crater and Tanaris to get enough to do all this. I got where I could do a Tanaris run very efficiently, in the end, which is good, because I finished up all those quests with my blacksmithing at 298, and in order to get to 300 (and be able to work with Fel Iron) I had to do one extra mining run to make two more orange items to make up those two smithing points. But it's done, and once I finally got to 300 and could use all my fel iron which I've been hoarding all this time, I had enough to move up another 20 points or so before I ran out of materials. So yay me!

My next project needs to be moving up Gelt (gnome mage) in tailoring. (WoW has a Tailoring Leveling guide that maybe I should be using.) I could also stand to do some work on cooking and fishing and first aid on both of these characters.


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