Jan. 3rd, 2009

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God, I'm tired. Lunch went fine - I thought the roast was possibly a trifle overdone, but everybody was really scarfing it down, so apparently it was alright. (I like my beef rather on the overdone side, really, but I'm aware not everybody agrees with me there.) I only do lunches like this if I make it extremely simple, so all else I fixed was a nice salad, and then Rob fixed green beans and (reconstituted) mashed potatoes, and Barbara brought some iced brownies for dessert. It was plenty of food.

Actually the main reason I'm tired was not the cooking, it was the orgy of cleaning that preceded it. Most of it was not really heavy cleaning, per se, it was instead a big tidying-up of the living/dining rooms, which has never been really done since the day the movers came in early October. Of course most of the papers and things just got shuffled back into the back bedroom, where I will have to do something with them later, but it really does look much better, that's for sure.

I'm so tired I am going to stop writing, but before I forget again, I want to say that the list of movies I saw last year has grown to 15, because we came up with two more that we definitely went to see, and that's Juno and The Bank Job. Juno in late January, I believe, and Bank Job probably in late March. (I didn't remember or have any record of when I saw the latter, but IMDb says it came out around March 18, I think it was, and I'm pretty sure went went in the first couple of weeks it was out.) Both of them are really good movies - Bank Job is probably the better of the two, I think, although I'm aware that's probably against the conventional wisdom. Anyway, nothing changes my final verdict on my 2008 list, meaning FrostNixon  and Slumdog Millionaire remain the top two. Rob and I had a discussion tonight about which one we'd like to see again, of those two, and we both agreed on FrostNixon there. But then I said, well, does that mean it's the better of the two? And we decided that it doesn't, necessarily, because the tragic elements of Slumdog make it rather hard to want to watch again. -- I definitely want to see it again. Just not yet.

By the way, after a quick perusal of the "movie" tags in my LJ earlier, I came up with these movies that I've seen between 2004, when I started writing here, and 2007:
(working backward)
Charlie Wilson's War
The Golden Compass
Hot Fuzz
Letters from Iwo Jima
Happy Feet

Casino Royale
Little Miss Sunshine
Monster House (3-D)
The DaVinci Code
V for Vendetta

The Brothers Grimm
Mr & Mrs Smith
Kingdom of Heaven
Sin City

I don't think that's an exhaustive list, by any means, but it's interesting.

* Good Night and Good Luck is not on the list. I did mention it, back then, but don't think I ever actually got around to seeing it until it came out on video. (And this list is just movies seen in theaters.)


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